New Django Setup Completed

March 26, 2010, 6:05 p.m.

The new is online. Now I just have to create a bunch of content.

Using Django and a little jQuery(so far only the latest news under menu) this site was created in just under 16 hours. That includes the entire learning process for Django and jquery, this was my first time to really mess with either.

Django is just about as easy as it gets as far as frameworks go. The biggest hurdle was that some of the documentation was made for version 1.2 which hasn't been released yet. Creating my blog app was pretty straightforward. Once you figure out how they expect you to lay things out and some of the built-in join mechanisms. It all makes sense and doesn't require too many mental backflips.

The upside is that I didn't have to do ANY string parsing/formatting/query sanitizing/admin interface/upload support/template parsing/etc. Even create statements and foreign keys/etc are done for you. The indexes and joins are all done behind the scenes after you setup manytomany or foreignkey relationships of which there are many variations. The thought they put into SQL Object-Relational mapping and making it invisible is impressive. If I didn't know what Object-Relational mapping was, I could still use this.

I did have to hit the MySQL console (via " dbshell" in the SSH console) to alter tables when I changed the models without losing data. You can run " sqlall" and it will supposedly output all of the DDL including the ALTER statements you need to use. That wasn't my experience, but this is the second day I've used it.

Full Disclosure: If you follow the affiliate link below I get 10% of whatever you pay to Web Faction. I have absolutely no problem recommending them to someone that doesn't want to pay for VPS but needs or wants SSH and a good deal of control over their servers.

The hosting at Web Faction has been great so far. I can SSH to my server and bounce my Django server process which is running via mod_wsgi on apache. I would say this is 90% as good as having a VPS without the added expense and hassle. Unless you're writing your web page in assembly, they probably support it. More likely than not you can deploy an app via their web GUI in no time. From payment to ready with a Django template project running was about 4 hours. This was 6:40PM CST to 12:15AM CST the next day. Well within their 24 hour promise and after hours, so no complaints.

I suppose I have to generate some content now.

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