Feed Sponge v1.3.4

July 31, 2010, 10:33 a.m.

It was brought to my attention that pirating my application was super easy. You just buy it, do some other steps and get a refund. Then use my app forever and give it to your friends.

So for this version I have integrated Google Market's LVL or License Verification Library.

After some time I will block older versions from accessing the Feed Guide.

This should not have an impact on valid users except that it requires internet access every once in a while at a time defined by Google. You can still go on vacation to a non Internet accessible location for a week and be fine judging by the policy I observed most recently being sent from Google. I have a feeling they will be tuning the time periods to keep people happy and Feed Sponge will automatically obey their rules.

Since this application is not useful without Internet access to download fresh podcasts this should not be an issue. If you're caught in the middle of nowhere for an extended period of time but saved up a ton of podcasts in advance, you can use something like File Manager from Apollo Software to access the feeds on the SD card in a pinch.

I'm really torn about implementing this vs sticking with the honor system. I hate the idea of potentially punishing a valid customer, but I love the idea of shutting down a thief.

This is not set in stone. If I get enough negative feedback from paying customers or malfunctions crop up on Google's side, I will yank this in a heartbeat and pursue other means.

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