Feed Sponge v1.3

July 17, 2010, 6:46 p.m.

Feed Sponge version 1.3 is in the market. I have added a web-backed podcast directory. There were also several bug fixes. The most notable bug that was squashed: the orphaned file checker was resetting download dates which blocked time-limit based deletion.

It took quite a while to slog through all of the podcasts and narrow it down to a workable list that met these criteria:

  • Published an episode in the past 60 days.

  • Had a working icon URL.

  • Was well formed XML.

  • Wasn't just spam.

Most of that was automated with a python script interfacing with my web API. I will re-purpose this script to refresh and cull dead podcasts on a schedule. The rest of the time was spent making a (hopefully) useful UI for the guide.

If you have or know of an interesting podcast I have overlooked, feel free to contact me using the contact link on the left. I believe in the first amendment, but I also believe nobody wants to listen to a scam sales pitch, ringtone garbage, or armpit music. I reserve the right to reject any podcast for any reason. Users can add their own using the Add Feed feature which takes any valid HTTP URL.

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